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About Harmonybell CD

The Harmonybell CD,
the only one of its kind in the world.

All facets of this production are unique, from the way the soundtrack is composed to the instruments used to the method of recording the music.

 Firstly, please be aware that this is not a music CD. All the audio sources are generated by the sound of the Harmonybell . We specifically choose each frequency, the different types of Harmonybell, all of the combinations and the way they are rung. These chimes are multi-track recorded using timing appropriate for the targeted goals each song has been written to help the listener attain, so that the listener can attain maximum benefit from these songs. These frequencies directly vibrate your body and soul and you may find that listening to this CD can transform your consciousness and change the path of your life.

 How the CD is made: Target-oriented specific frequencies are collected together – these frequencies, when combined together – can lead you towards your goals. They are then arranged in order and matched together with timing in mind.

*Audio Source Recording: All sounds are generated by the Harmonybell (no musical instruments, computer-generated sounds or natural sounds are used).

*The Harmonybell : The Harmonybells are combinations of carefully tuned tuning forks and chimes (metallic tubes) and the Harmonybell is an original proprietary development of the RFS Research Institute Inc. This tool creates the combination of frequencies that lead people towards their goals.

*Composition: The way we compose songs is also unique. We have prepared our own original sheet music format which is used when we compose for the Harmonybell . (We do not use any musical scale).

*We recommend that, in order to help you achieve your goals, you listen to the CD as many times as possible. We believe you should listen to the CD in as many different scenarios as possible: during your sleeping time, when you are on the move, when you are carrying out your daily chores, even at work if your situation allows it. Do not simply listen with your ears – let your body (and your environment) absorb the frequencies.

*If this CD is used in conjunction with personal Harmonybell sessions (such as Soshizunono), the effect is synergistic.


How to Listen & Attention

Listen to this CD for as long as you need to create the balance and harmony with in yourself. In this way, you can develop the love and understanding that grows inside your heart, which is the purpose of this CD.

 There are several silent spaces within each CD. This is done with clear purpose to create space and silence.

 This CD is best listened to with a headphone where you can directly listen to the sound in each ear. If you are too sensitive to listen to the CD with the headphones, it is advised to listen to it with speakers so your whole body can absorb the frequencies. It is also advised to have the CD on repeat so you can listen to it while you are sleeping with a volume that does not affect your sleep.

 The important thing is to listen to the CD as much as you can for a long duration of time. Let the frequencies absorb into your body gradually.

 Even while you are listening, you may not get immediate positive reaction or response, but it is important for you to listen to it for at least 6 weeks. Even if you get a positive response, it is important for you to continue the use so you can deepen the effect.

 Trust your instincts and decide which treatment you should listen to. Although “Soulagement” and “Sincérité” are organized in two parts so it is best advised to listen to them equally.

 When this CD sounds good to you, you are on the right path of your “Reach for the Star.” Everything that you need will be drawn into you like a spiral, and you will know that you are on the right path which is full of happiness, love, beauty, gratitude and respect.


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