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The Anchor Yes Session

The Anchor Yes Session

Quick size down sessions for toning up specific areas of your body

 The soothing tones and frequencies of the Harmonybell can help to liberate the energy of negative emotions and thinking patterns which can accumulate in fatty tissue. The sounds of the Harmonybell do not physically cleanse your body of fat cells; instead they eliminate the ‘reason’ why these fat cells multiply. The ‘result’ is that you are able to suppress the build-up of these fat cells going forward.

 We have found different types of emotions and thinking patterns in ten specific locations. These locations act as a type of ‘armor’ that we unknowingly build up to protect ourselves from the external stresses and tensions of everyday life. That is why each individual has an area of their body where he or she is more likely to build up fat cells. This 'armor’ is the very thing that stops the individual from losing these excess pounds.

 In order to release the emotions and thoughts stored in these fat cells that collect in these ten locations, each location needs to be treated with a different combination of frequencies. These sessions will not only make your body shape more beautiful, this process will also increase the beauty of your inner self. Witness for yourself the birth of a radically new form of beauty treatment. These unique sessions can be added to an existing program of sessions and can even contribute to the effect of any programs that you are currently undertaking.

Face line (30 min) *JPY4,000 / session

Back of neck (10 min) *JPY2,000 / session

Upper arm (22 min) *JPY3,000 / session

Back (20 min) *JPY4,000 / session

Around stomach (20 min) *JPY3,000 / session

Around waist (20 min) *JPY3,000 / session

Abdomen (20 min) *JPY3,000 / session

Hip up (20 min) *JPY4,000 / session

Thigh (60 min) *JPY6,000 / session

Calf (40 min) *JPY4,000 / session

Bust up (30 min) *JPY5,000 / session

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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