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Mission Statement

RFS Research Institute Inc.
Our Mission Statement

1: The RFS Research Institute Inc. is determined to support and encourage all individuals to empower themselves to live their lives according to their own souls, to challenge themselves to go beyond their own limits and fulfill the original purpose of their lives. We aim to inspire people to live life with more joy, with more richness, and with more beauty. So much so that when people look back on their lives they can find a deep gratitude for their own existence; they can be grateful that they have been given a chance of life.

2: The RFS Research Institute Inc. affirms that the individual path of each and every soul is unique, so we respect, understand and trust in these differences. We are determined ourselves to live in harmony and live a creative way of life and we support other people in their efforts to do the same.

3: All RFS staff members have the aforementioned two points as their professional priority, and enjoy challenging themselves every day to display these values.

* The name RFS comes from "Reach For the Star”, “the Star” here implies the original purpose of one's life, a phrase that captures the essence of trying to find your true life.

The Five Elements

Here at the RFS Research Institute Inc. we have identified 5 elements: Shape, Fragrance, Sound, Color and Word.

Each of these elements can be represented in numerical form. By combining these numbers together in a multifaceted arrangement, we have been trying to create a system which could actually help people in their daily lives. Our research and development has resulted in a practical system that harnesses these elements, the end result being our own proprietary sessions on ‘Sound, Color and Word'.

Our overall aim is to harness the fruits of our research to show humanity the true wonder and richness of life. Our efforts are not just aimed at individuals ? we will strive to contribute to improving society and the global environment through our program.


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