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RFS Start Story

Development of the Harmonybells

Harmonybells are the healing tuning forks that are the original development of RFS Research Institute Inc. They are unique for their wide variation of the frequency, and for their intense effect on human being.

They help people by liberating various emotion patterns and thinking patterns with the frequency of the sound, and give a support to recover the natural state of body and mind. Many people who took this healing work insist that the quality of their life changed dramatically in a short time. They say their life became easy and the physical condition got well. They are happy with their improved human relations and better business performances.

These Bells were born in the ancient Japanese capital Kyoto . Although the method is quite new, it is attracting the attention of mass media due to its major effect. In the future, we would really like the people of the foreign countries to experience it. So let us first tell the story of how the Harmonybells were born.

The beginning of the journey

If all the cars on the road are equipped with Wave motion converter on their exhaust pipes to clean the exhaust gas and change noise into the harmonious tone.... And if on their roofs are painted many geometrical patterns combining various figures such as hexagons, triangles and the circles, so that a car is not a mere transporting means but plays the role of the Wave motion converter which purifies the atmosphere…

If all the boats on the sea and the lake are equipped with the same Wave motion converter at the bottom, covered with the various geometrical patterns and the letters "Thank you”, so that they can navigate purifying seawater and a lake.....

If it all the airplanes in the sky are equipped with the same Wave motion converter on the nose and the engine, so that they can fly making chlorofluorocarbon and carbon dioxide become harmless..... And if numerous geometrical figures and gigantic letters “LOVE” is drown on the body instead of cartoon characters.....

And if all the satellites which fly in the outer space send the vibration of “prayer and gratitude” embracing the global environment and the whole human being......

Is this a mere fantasy? Is it an absurd idea which can't come true? Or is it an idea which is worthy to think over seriously?

With the natural environment and the social conditions getting worse and worse, many wonder if we can realize real welfare and happiness just by working hard in search of immediate profits.

However there are people who would love to talk about such kind of fantasy enthusiastically. When four or five of them get together, such an idea would have a momentum to be actualized.

The RFS Research Institute Inc. started with such kind of wild idea.

One day, five male and female friends got together. They started talking one to another enthusiastically, “Let us discover the real purpose of our life. Let us live more joyful, beautiful and abundant life without regrets!”

“To mature as human being is our aim. And let us start a new career to support everyone to live one's real life. So that the life will not be just a burden to carry, but it will be happier and richer. Then the global environment and social conditions around us will be much more improved than now. Individual ability is limited but if we get together something can be done. Instead of standing by and watching, we should anyway take the first step.

With a firm intension in their heart, the members started action. It was autumn of 2002.

Trial and error

Past ten to twenty years, each member had experienced various spiritual searches aiming at the self-realization in Japan and abroad. They had gone through all kinds of inner works such as meditations, therapies and healing works. Through healing and clearing up all their pasts, they had experienced the rich and beautiful essential self existing here now deep inside of superficial self.

On the inner level beyond the conscious self, the vibration of “pure energy” is felt shining in the deep silence. The energy is nothing but “love”. The “love” is not a thought, nor emotion, nor desire. It is a fragrance of the soul, the very vibration flowing out of one's own soul.

How can one connect this understanding with the actual world? The human true nature is love, joy and happiness … how can one make the most of it towards the creation of the future beautiful society?

At that time one of the members who had the skill of the make-up said, “When I make up feeling the client's vibration, the colors I used remarkably brighten her personality up, resulting in a well balanced make-up naturally. Seeing the finished make-up, she really likes it, and above all she gains the self-confidence and notices her own inner beauty. In other words make-up has the terrific possibility to change the person's lifestyle.”

“Yes, it is that!”

Thus the make-up started as the first work of RFS. Just with making up, the self-image or even lifestyle change! That was a surprising new experience. This new work spread out among people in an instant.

Healing tuning forks

One of the clients who loved the new make-up of RFS brought a set of tuning forks, and reported that the vibration of their sound could have the healing effect on the human body.

Just listening to their refreshing tone, one can feel that the thoughts in the head go away instantly, the breathing deepens, and the tensions of the body decline quickly. It was also felt that a thing like hot energy flew in the body and went away from the limbs. Although they had experienced numerous healing methods, such an experience was for the first time.

The sound of the tuning fork heals a person… that was a surprising experience which was too simple to believe. But they thought if the new technology was used along with the make-up, some greater effects could be expected. Immediately they made a contact with the tuning fork manufacturers in the US and England to import a few dozens of tuning forks.

Unique Frequency

They started experimenting with the various kinds of tuning forks. Let the sound penetrate into the members' body to examine thoroughly what kind of feelings and responses were happening. This experiment continued day and night for a long time, sometimes for overnight.

They could not afford the expensive machine to measure that effect scientifically. They only relied on their past experience of the internal search and intuition. What sound has the effect to release what kind of energy? What sound is useful to recover the left-right balance and the up-down balance of the body? What sound is resonant with the deep harmony of the whole body? What sound has the vibration with which one feels genuine love? What sound purifies and activates chakras?

With their senses being polished, they became able to notice that their physical and mental responses changed corresponding to the minute change in the frequency. And they were aware that in order to get deeper effect of the whole body they would need the unique tuning forks with different frequency instead of ready-made ones.

They figured out certain unique frequencies and ordered tuning forks to a manufacturer in the US . The forks were delivered and were given a trial.

They felt a perfect vibration entering into the body. The vibration realized the inner love and peace.

"This is it!” everyone was so impressed.

Now they were really sure that the forks with their own unique frequencies would give the expected effect in its full force.

Birth of the original tuning fork healing

Thus, in the summer of 2003, the memorable set of twenty tuning forks that was RF S original was born. The forks were named the "Harmonybells". These are the bells that would bring the harmony to the people and the earth. It was like the first step to realize the future society which the RFS dreamt of when they started working. And they built up the program of 35 mins healing session using these Harmonybells. The session was named "Soshizunono".

It was a newly coined word meaning "May happiness prevail high above into the sky. May beauty and peace, the two signs of human truth appear . May we love the eternal naturalness and go ahead courageously into the new world."

This session also spread out by the word of mouth through the Internet. Everyone felt various effects. The personal experiences were reported one after another.

"Deeply relaxed" "Depression reduced" "Irritation decreased" "Limbs became warm" "Skin turned beautifully white" ” Breasts get into better shape" "Hips get into better shape" "Waist became slim" "Thinking pattern changed" "Divorce was avoided" "Life changed totally" "Now I am relaxed with myself" "I feel like wrapped by the light" "I feel a blissful moment"

New development

With the responses more than expected, they realized the large influence of Soshizunono. They were happy but at the same time they felt a great responsibility. More definite verification and data accumulation were needed. They visited Dr.Tadahiro Hotta, the physician in Kyoto and the director of “ Medical association of Consciousness wave motion ” , and asked him to experience a set of ten sessions of Soshizunono for ten consecutive days. After the sessions, he gave them a detailed comment and an analysis of data accumulated by the Measurement equipment for elect r ical potential of meridian system . The following is the comment of Dr Hotta;

"When I myself experienced this Soshizunono ten times, in the beginning I had a feeling of hitting back the sound with the hard shell covering myself. As the sound gradually entering my body , I felt the shell turning thin and light just like a cloud was disappearing. I mean with Soshizunono sessinons, I was aware that I had been living with something like a hard shell, the stagnant energy due to the stress around me.

As I continued to have sessions and the sound started to resonate all over the body, I felt at last I was integrated as an energy body, being balanced as a whole and became light."

Then four RFS Research Institute Inc. staffs experienced Soshizunono sessions ten times each, and measured the numerical value of electric potential of all physical 12 Meridian system by using "BL SA( BioLineSystemAnalyzer) ", the Measurement equipment for elect r ical potential of meridian system , right before and after the session. (See figure 1-3)

The comment of Dr.Hotta on their result is as follows;

"The numerical values of electric potential of the Meridian system of all the testees have fallen down. It means that because the tension was relaxed, the vital force and the flow of chi improved. As for each Meridian system , you can see the total balance was improved, especially the values of Triple Warmer 、 Circulation Meridian 、 kidney and bladder system went down.

Presuming from the result, the session of Soshizunono will give the positive effects on the immune system, the water metabolism, the blood flow and the blood purification. Furthermore, by relaxing the sympathetic nervous system and activating the vice-sympathetic, the balance of the autonomic nervous system will be adjusted. And by relieving the accumulation of stress, some positive effects will be expected on the balance of the physical functions as well as the Meridian system. Due to the better blood flow, not only the cold constitution is improved but also various bad physical conditions will be helped a lot."

Thus Soshizunono can be considered to have deep effects on the body and the mind. And gradually people who wished to give this session as a profession started coming.

Two year s have passed since the RFS Research Institute Inc. started working. We are just at the starting point. Now the menus of the sessions have increased to 33 kinds in 3 systems. We wish to continue steady research how this new healing method can affect on the humankind and the planetary environment.

RFS Research Institute Inc. Inc . (Reach For the Star)
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* This is translation of an article published at Hado Magazine No.138 Feb 2005.


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