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Soshizunono Session

Soshizunono Session 1-6
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 Soshizunono refers to the magnificent symphonic sound of the Harmonybell, a sonic process that stimulates the body, emotions and thoughts, working to reveal your ‘true self’. Soshizunono helps the individual find their way in life, their true calling. We have prepared a complete course that guides you through each level of development, one step at a time.
 Let your body and mind relax and open up yourself to experience the beautiful sound that showers upon you. The sonic waves emanating from the Harmonybell will allow the negative energies - physical or emotional - accumulated through the course of your life to melt away.

*There is no need to change clothing during the session. There will be no direct physical contact.

Nono 1: Fostering the Vision and the Power to Choose
 The life is the result of each and every choice we make. If what we choose is truly reflecting our souls’ guidance, there should be no regrets. However, we often find it difficult to make the right choices in life. That is because we tend to be carried away by our emotions, thoughts, or ingrained patterns that we are unware of. This program is designed to help you find the way to follow your soul so that you can start living your own life!

*10 sessions total (35 min / session)
*The initial session (Session #1)JPY3,600
*Session #2 onwards: JPY3,900
*You are welcome to try only the initial session, but we recommend the complete set of 10 sessions for best results.

Nono 2: Converging the Universe and the Earth
 We are able to call forth our full potential when we are at our inner most self. And that is where the universe and the earth energy meet. This program will assist you to rediscover and purify the axis of your center and to better harvest the blessings of the Universe and the Earth.

*5 sessions total (50 min / session)

Nono 3: A Celebration of Life
 By working into areas that lie deep inside yourself (patterns from a past life, etc.), the sessions on this level will harness positive energy and channel this energy, a celebration of life, into your current day to day existence and your relationships with other people.

*7 sessions total (64 min / session)

Nono 4: The Zero Point
 Your timeline stretches back beyond all of your past lives, back to what we call the zero point. By reaching back and touching this primal void, which is nothing and nowhere, you will be able to catch a glimpse of your own star in all its glory. Once you have experienced the vibrations of your own light, it will grow inside you and will never disappear.

*6 sessions total (137 min / session)
*JPY21,000 / session (available in Japan only. Tax include)

Nono 5: Crystal-Clear Awareness
 By returning to your own personal zero point, as detailed in the sessions on level 4, you have completed the preparations required to start working with your pineal gland. If you are able to stimulate this region of the brain you can begin to touch true wisdom.

*4 sessions total (92 min / session)
*JPY14,000 / session (available in Japan only. Tax include)

Nono 6: Being at the Seat of Your Soul
A life filled with love – that’s what all of us hope for. However, to be able to show forgiveness regardless of what happens to you in life, to keep feeling the same level of love even when you are hurt – none of these things are easy. When you are able to stay at the seat of your soul, that special place deep inside your own heart, you will be able to experience true peace, a joyful and lighthearted feeling of satisfaction.

*5 sessions total (81 min / session)
*JPY12,000 / session (available in Japan only. Tax include)

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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